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2015 Book Challenge - Book #1

Elements of Style: Designing a Home and a Life by Erin Gates




This was the one book that made it on my Christmas list and of course, Santa delivered this and much more for me to enjoy.  Not normally the type of book considered on a book list but I'm branching out a little this time around and will be posting any of the books I read versus just literature.  Minus the beach reads, of course.


I'm late to the party regarding Erin Gates and her fabulous Elements of Style Blog - I started reading while she was on her book tour.   But since my life right now is all about house hunting and imagining how I will turn that new space into a home for us, I easily fell down the rabbit hole that is her blog.  It's a really pretty hole.

I love her blog, she posts daily and shares her personal challenges as well as great design and style.  We're the same age and I relate to her challenges of being a working women in this day and age.  Her writing is well done, honest and open plus there's a joy in her that comes through to her readers.  You don't have to believe me but her book is a New York Times Best Seller.

Thanks to Erin, I've fallen in love with modern brass fixtures, grey cabinets and remembered my love of animal prints - much to my man's horror. Oh, And black and white stripes! 

But back to the book, Erin takes you through each room in your home and gives ideas with visual examples of why and what works, including for how to decorate an apartment.  She uses her personal experiences, past residences and her customer portfolio to illustrate the different options.  Erin isn't a DIYer and she points out her own budget challenges plus other solutions for those of us who aren't so crafty (which I really appreciate).  She offers a rule of thumb for mixing patterns as well as her favorite paint colors.   She manages to put a personal and timely twist on classic design choices which makes you feel good about investing in quality pieces to use in your home.  My favorite part of the book was the excerpt regarding her sofa mistake purchase and having to 'rehome' the sofas until she got the right one.  

It's definitely a book that I'll continue to reference as we find and create our home.  I highly reccomend it (and her blog) to anyone that's interested in decorating their life... it's timely, well-written and beautifully done.

**Pictures credited to Erin Gates and her blog, Elements of Style**

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