Photo Friday

Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be.  ~ Robert Browning


View of the Holy City from the Fort Sumter tour boat.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

September 2013 


Our Wedding: The Flowers

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." ~ Claude Monet

I didn't know what I wanted for my flowers... other than pretty and fitting in the setting.  We were getting married on the coast and there was no need to compete with the natural setting.  It was beautiful.  But I'm not into flowers so I didn't know what to ask for.  But my florist knew exactly what I meant.  I gave him pictures of the setting and he showed me samples of the flowers he thought would work.  Then we tweaked it a little bit to add more pops of blue with the thistle flower. 


My bouquet had ivory roses in it for the natural color, we had lily pods for the dark natural, hypericum berries and aster for the green and those lovely cascading blooms (that I have no idea what they are).  I wasn't all for the roses and I think he put less in the bouquet than he normally would have because I kept saying I didn't want a lot of them.  And I now stand corrected.  The contrast made it work. 

Something else I have to note - my bestie picked up my flowers and drove them 6 hours to my wedding venue... and did so with no hesitation.  Then they were stored in a deer cooler until the ceremony (we did get married at a hunting preserve).  It's made for a good story & it's just another example of why she's my bestie.  I love her.


My mom, my MIL and my grandmother had smaller bouquets to carry that were similar to mine (no roses, no pods, and none of the drapey things).  The flowers were definitely one of the great delights of the wedding... I love flowers but they weren't the most important thing to me regarding the wedding.  Yet, I think they're the thing that turned out to be the most delightful suprise.


For the flower girls, we did halos with live flowers including the thistle and the hypericum berries.  My mom brought him ribbon so that it matched their sashes and his team put them together.   Both of the little girls had been flower girls before but they hadn't had worn halos so they thought it was great.  Then they also had nosegay bouquets - a small round cluster of flowers and were perfect for them. 

The gentlemen in the group all had boutineers of the berries and thistle to wear and my man got the white rose to stand out a little from everyone else.  I just checked to see if the little guys wore theirs because I couldn't remember... neither one of them liked the bowtie and I know there were multiple discussions about how this was what you wore for a wedding (it was the first time for both of them).  So I'm glad all the flowers made it down the aisle and until the jackets were taken off.   Again, my flowers were perfect. So different but appropriate for the setting and exactly what I wanted. Love.


Photo Friday

Come, let's be a comfortable couple and take care of each other!  How glad we shall be, that we have somebody we are fond of always, to talk to and sit with.  ~ Charles Dickens


Overlooking Cumberland Island

Woodbine, Georgia, USA

September 2013



Our Wedding: The Kids' Table

"If falling in love is anything like learning how to spell, I don't want to do it. It takes too long." -- Glenn, age 7 from Kids say the darndest things


One of the things I did to make everyone more comfortable is set up a kids' table for the reception, it was to the side of the dance floor and I sat the parents at table nearby so there could be eye contact.  The rental vendor we used had a childrens table and chairs that they draped with the same tablecloth.  I invited my friends with their children and I wanted everyone to be comfortable and have fun.  You can't expect 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds to sit still and behave so I provided them with games, toys and activities.



 I did their place cards with the kids menu (chicken fingers, french fries and fruit) using stickers and crayons.  It was a labor of love and I had the most fun doing it.  We used construction paper as their placemats and each kid had about 5 sheets under their plate to decorate throughout the night.   There were ocean animal stickers and crayons.  Each place setting had a big bag of jelly beans - sparkle for the girls and camo for the boys.  Down the center of the table were kalidescopes and light up bracelets for the late night dancing.

 We taught my nephew how to toast along time ago (we're big on them in my family) so he must have organized this moment at the kids table.  And I was so thrilled that our photographer caught it - it was one of the many classic moments I only saw weeks after the fact but became one of my favorites from the night.  This is obviously the kids table after dinner had been served but it looked like the had a good time, doesn't it?

And this is Jayne Ellen, the younger sister of one of my flower girls.  This is a picture that was one of my favorites.  She looks like she's been caught and she's holding all of the light up balls that were on the kids' table.  We had these which light up when thrown as well as bracelets and necklaces for them to have after the sun went down.  I think all of these went home with Jayne Ellen.  Which was perfect. 



Our Wedding: Reception

"Wedding are important because they celebrate life and possibility." - Anne Hathaway
Our venue had only one place to put a tent - along the edge of the Cumberland River and near the bluff where we held our ceremongy.  The tent became necessary because we were getting married in the rainest month of the year on the Georgia coast... in fact it rained for 11 days in the two weeks before our wedding.  It stopped 48 hours before our ceremony and started again that night at 9pm.  I am not a good person so I owe someone or something BIG for the break in the weather.  
Since going without a tent wasn't an option with the risk of rain and having a sail cloth tent wouldn't work (wouldn't fit the space) and since I really didn't want to obstruct the views in anyway, I went with a clear tent.  I wanted fairy lights and they were able to string them along the tent so it was gorgeous once the sun set.  And then they showed me the twig balls. And I might have fallen in love again.
And they were worth every penny and every discussion and every moment of worry for this picture alone...

 Am I right?

This picture. The expressions on our faces (we had just walked into the tent, seeing it all put together and were having our first dance).  Worth It.  


This is our wedding cake... I'm a big fan of cake in general but I don't like fondant icing or elaborate decorations.  Our caterer offered a basic cake within their price and I said, DONE.  When we went for our tasting appointment, I asked her to give us a traditional cake, a chocolate and their most popular flavor. I didn't think to ask what that flavor was... Banana.  With chocolate ganache.  And it was AMAZING.  So that's what we had.  Me, who won't touch a banana with a ten foot pole had a banana wedding cake (well, at least one layer). 



The centerpieces for the tables were a collaboration between my mom and our local florist, Jeff.  We had the hurricanes from my older sister's wedding and we've used them a lot.  They're beautiful and versital.  I collected oysters shells from the bushells we had at the Riverhouse that spring - I brought them home, cleaned and bleached them to place inside with the candles.  I think I planned for a dozen per hurricane, these are Georgian oysters and have large shells so it probably didn't take twelve oyster shells for each one.  The flowers were halos that we brought that were full of coastal flowers and matched my bouquet.


At each place setting, we had a personalized menu card.  I accomplished this by ordering printed menu cards and then printing each persons name at the top.  It was a labor of love and I doubt anyone noticed but me and people who like these types of details.  And I wish I could remember the font I used... it was what I used for all of the printing of names throughout the wedding and it's gorgeous.  I printed thank you notes in that font as well and used them for thank you notes.   

Here is a picture of the place cards before the reception started... the names are printed in that gorgeous font and the tables in a classic block font.  They were laid down in alphabetical order because of the wind that afternoon (a storm was coming in) on top of one of the accent tables. We went with a solid blue cloth for the tables but all the high top and serving tables had this natural and blue print to accent.   I loved this cloth but I was afraid it would be too busy to have all the tables in the print.  And it worked.